Contemporary or traditional?

Does a new winery have to be traditional in order to gain recognition? No, a new winery has to be new! It has to create the spirit of the time that is coming ahead. Foundation is built in tradition, and tradition is already rooted in the soil.
TemeT wine tells the story of our realm and a story of love, passion, and emotion that bonded us ever so firmly. This avid story flows in every glass our vine touches, creating new experiences and adventures with each sip.

The yearly production of wine is divided into a few lines that vary by sort, complexity, and the position of vineyards from which they originate.
The winery also has its own secrets. The challenge of discovery, the courage to head into the unknown, to endure, to keep going, and to step into the light from the shadows in order to show character. Because to create is to exist.

If I was born as wine, I wish my birthplace was Lozovik, so that I could grow up on those hills, and go to school in the Jagodina vineyards, only to find love on your table.